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Roller Molla is a manually operated roller blind.
A spring equipped with a clutch and positioned in the roller tube makes it possible to raise the blind at constant speed. The tension of the spring can be adjusted, using the special key, even after the blind has been mounted.
The fabric can be unwound to lower the blind by pulling on the tassel attached to the bottom rail. Roller Molla is extremely compact and can be easily and quickly installed.

Among the accessories, an extruded aluminium valance makes it possible to cover the rolled up blind, thus protecting it from outside agents.
Roller Molla can be manufactured using any fabric in the following selection: EnviroScreen 802, 805 and 810, Verosol® Originals 812, 816 and 878, SilverScreen (Verosol® products) or Trevira CS 260 gr/m².


Width mm Height mm max. m2
300 ~ 2.000 100 ~ 3.500 in funzione del tipo di tessuto utilizzato

Support Molla


Push bracket Molla

Pelmet Molla

gamma colori

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