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UP14 Plissé

UP14 is a monocontrol pleated blind with manual operation. The control system consists of an external cord loop that allows the blind to be raised, lowered and stopped in any position. The pleated fabric has a 14-mm pleat.

The Verosol® flame-retardant shading fabrics used are able to adjust the heat gain and the light passing through, thus creating a comfortable environment in buildings. On request, the opaque Vanity fabric is also available.

The blind can be manufactured in 18 colours in three qualities (transparent, semi-transparent and opaque). The fixing system is extremely fast, due to the VHB double-sided adhesive tape applied on the blind, which allows considerable reduction in installation time. Both head and bottom rails are made of extruded aluminium.


Width mm Height mm max. m2 Folding
300 ~ 2.500 300 ~ 2.000 5 2,0 % H + 45 mm

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