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US14 Plissé

US14 is a pleated blind to be installed on aluminium, PVC or wooden window frames. The control system consists of a special recess on the bottom rail that slides along the aluminium extruded U-shaped side guides.

The pleated fabric has a 14-mm pleat. US14 features Verosol® flame-retardant shading fabrics, which are coated with aluminium particles and able to reduce heat gain and adjust the light passing through, thus creating a comfortable environment in buildings. Verosol® fabrics are available in 18 colours and in 3 different qualities (transparent, semi-transparent and opaque). The fixing system is based on high-resistance double-sided adhesive tape applied on the side profiles which results in a considerable reduction in installation time.
The head rail is manufactured from a particularly slim profile, which makes US14 the ideal solution for sliding windows. The bottom rail is made of extruded aluminium, just like the U-shaped side profiles that are placed on the glazing bead, allowing the easy fitting of the blind inside the frame.

On request: motorizations and accessories

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